Vimercate is a small city within the busy and industrious area of Brianza which, in these times of rapid change and transformation, has been able to retain and treasure its historical and artistic patrimony and develop new cultural and tourist potential, remaining a point of reference for all the surrounding area. The new hospital, its famous civic library, the Must Museum for all the area around Vimercate , the nearby Torri Bianche development are only some examples of how active Vimercate has been ever since ancient times. In fact Vimercate has a history of more than two thousand years. The oldest evidence existing dates back to Roman times with the discovery of numerous archeological findings. During the medieval period important religious and administrative functions were carried out in Vimercate: important traces of this period still remain, including the central Plebian Church of Saint Stephen (13th century) with its important bell tower. Along Via Cavour there are many important historical buildings including l’Oratorio di Sant’Antonio with its remarkable fifteenth century frescos and The Bridge of San Rocco, a true emblem of the city, the only example in Lombardy of a fortified medieval bridge. In the vicinity of Vimercate there is also the Borromean Hunting Lodge with its cycle of frescos in an international Gothic style of the second half of the fifteenth century. The Convent of Saint Francis, founded so long ago, also stands out as one of the important antiquities in the history of Vimercate.